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My goal is to find you a rug that makes you smile and brings one-of-a-kind character to your space. You can rest assured knowing I will curate a collection that is great for any space, any family, and will last you a lifetime. I'm here to find the jewelry for your home!

Kristyn Blackard


Rugs for every lifestyle


Because these rugs are handmade, it is very common for them to have unique characteristics that tell a story. Some rugs will feature a curve depending on how they are woven, or because they are vintage it is common to have repairs. Most people view these as flaws, but I hope you choose to see them as unique features because of their history. If you can accept these features as beauty, you can score yourself a vintage rug at a very affordable price range.


This collection features rugs you can put in any place with any lifestyle. Have dogs? Have kids? Dont be afraid to put these rugs in your home! They are more durable than you think! I curate this collection for the everyday home that wants to combine functional with beauty. I would place these rugs in my own home, and actually many end up there and don't leave!  They are meant to add beauty and charm to your home. Buy your home some jewelry and buy a family heirloom that you can pass down for generations.


This Collection was inspired by my dear friends at Vaden Design Co. Their love for minimalism and organic design along with neutral tones led me to launch this new collection. This collection consists of designer styles and larger rugs, with an emphasis on antique style rugs which are over 100 year old. Featuring more intricately woven rugs of top quality, along with rare neutrals. These rugs will surely complete that designer look in your home!


Small handwoven rugs perfect for bathrooms, in front of a kitchen sink, or used as a doormat. They can add a great pop of color to any space. Perfect stepping stone to see if a Vintage Rug is for you without investing a ton of money. I promise you though- you will be hooked!

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